Get Started Organizing Your Cleaning Business in 5 Minutes

Business plan template, employee management, technical training for carpet/tile/VCT and 500 targeted business leads custom made for you.

Applying For A Bank, SBA Loan or Grant of Some Kind?

Business planning is key

Most grants or business loan applications will ask if you have a business plan. Now you can submit one that will blow them away and put you at the top of the list.

how iT wORKS

The point is to ask questions BEFORE they happen so you have an SOP ready to go when they happen in the heat of the moment.

  • Employee Management

  • Marketing Plan

  • Proposals

What's Included

Four main components are included: Business Planning, Employee Management, Technical Training (carpet/tile/VCT) and 500 custom business leads to get started marketing.

Business plan Template

Employee Management

Technical Training (carpet/tile/vct)

500 Local Business Prospects

We are here to help with any questions

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