plant The Seeds To Future Growth

We help cleaning services reach their full potential

The Seeds We Plant Today Will Grow Into Future Accounts

Social Media

Social media gives cleaning services the opportunity to stay in front of decision makers on a regular basis

Contact Decision Makers

Another tactic is to contact managers and building owners directly

Close Sales

After submitting a proposal now we can stay in front of managers to remind them and follow up

Social Media is One of the Most Cost Effective Ways To Promote Cleaning Services

What Social Media Options?

For selling commercial cleaning services, the main platforms will be




Google My Business

Each of these platforms have different demographics and can play different roles. Facebook is great for cheap PR & marketing, while linkedin is more targeted and professional.

Youtube videos can be used in many ways, including: Adding to proposals, websites, youtube search, google search, sharing in social media, email marketing and almost anyway you communicate with prospects & clients.

Google My Business Profile is critical for prospects searching your services locally, especially within 5 miles of your shop/office.

What Campaigns Work Best?

Mix of pr, branding and direct sales. The more prospects experience your brand the more they trust you. The biggest variable to sales success is how established your brand is among an audience. Cleaners with established brands will get 10X return on investment compared to unknown companies.

Good news is social media is pretty inexpensive and the commercial audience is pretty small.

Direct sales is another way social can be used, after connecting with managers/owners we then can reach them directly. Some people you will find are actually easier to reach on linkedin/facebook and quicker than calling on the phone or email.


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