Winning Over Facility Managers: Selling Your Cleaning Services Effectively

Maximizing Your LinkedIn Presence: A Strategic Tool for Selling Your Cleaning Services to Facility Managers

Get Noticed, Get Connected, Get Sales

Get Noticed

This is the first step, we all buy services and products from brands we are familiar with.

Get Connected

Once connected their is a high probability facility managers will see your posts

Get the Sale

Take your shot, once a prospect has become familiar with you it's time to ask them for their business.

The Key To Selling Cleaning Services Is Congruence

Congruence is a fancy marketing word for in harmony, we want to approach prospects where they go, what tools they use on a daily basis. For facility managers linkedin, email are platforms they use everyday. It's perfectly congruent to approach them with these tools.

Today we are going to cover one of the most overlooked and underused marketing strategies for commercial cleaning services, Linkedin. The biggest benefit of this platform is the targeting, you have the ability to keep your messages to a very specific group of people.

Marketing to specific groups with specific messages on specific platforms

Why is it an underused platform

Mainly because cleaners take what works in other platforms like facebook and try to apply those same strategies to linkedin. This is a completely different platform and needs to be used differently, although some main ideas still apply.

One big difference is people spend hours upon hours every week on facebook, while linkedin the average user is only on for about 30 minutes a week. That’s enough time to check updates, messages and maybe a quick scroll through your timeline.

Get Organized First With A Linkedin Marketing Plan

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